Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham

Organization Website Address Location
islamiic state of iraq and al-sham raqqa
Islamic State of Iraq
and al-Sham
Raqqa, Syria

Product Description

Networth Nature of Business
$ 2 billion (USD) Crowdsource Disruption, Fear, Intimidation through: Taxes, Technical and physical threat to objects, security, citizens, property.
Anti-security, theft services.
Sale of stolen goods; Informational Services, fear consultations, special explosion techniques and services, Research and Development for recruitment devices.
Trainers of all categories

Product/ Services

Symbols Descriptions
P Producers
D Distributors
E Export
I Import
P/D Disruption
D Fear
E/I Technical and physical threats
P/D Fear Consultations
S Anti-security/theft
P/D Research and Development