Finding The Answer


Finding the Answer is a virtual working space for the amateur and professional conflict analyst interested in the current violence phenomenon. Finding the Answer   offers these global discussion focused individuals access to the electronic resources needed to conduct their own study and  add credible resource information to the current understanding of the violence phenomena.

It provides a virtual working location for citizen analysts to investigate the violence phenomenon in a socially responsible manner as they seek to expand the violence phenomenon knowledge base through a collaborative public manner.



Finding the Answer is grounded in the belief that the better the general public understands the violence phenomenon, the greater the benefit the global community will derive.
Finding the Answer offers citizen-analysts virtual community space to use as a:

  • Solution-driven idea forum
  • Violence-phenomenon resource locator
  • Intermediary to creating reality-centered tools that meet the violence phenomenon challenge


Al Qaeda: The Transformation of Terrorism in the Middle East and Northern Africa

“This book and its accompanying website,,seeksto…invite readers or anyone else to contribute to finding the answer to …. Al Qaeda-ISIS-et al’s concerted worldwide attack effort…” and “the control and power” those attacks seek to achieve.

About the Authors
Denise N Baken, PhD and Ioannis Mantzikos have extensively studied al Qaeda, ISIS and other North Africa and Middle East violence groups.They are strong supporters of citizen science and crowdsourcing advancement of scientific knowledge to tackle complex challenges. They are also members of the Israeli-based Research on Islam and Muslims in Africa (RIMA) think tank seeking understanding of the African continent.